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Kajang Fei Chui Chinese Restaurant is a feasting restaurant in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. Kajang Fei Chui Restaurants have become one of Malaysia’s prominent company in the food and beverages industry.

The restaurants provide a range of perfect menu which has been established by our top chefs and service staff.The Restaurant is established since year 2008 that offers lovely Chinese and nearby cooking and also warm cordiality in a modified ballroom style building.

Kajang Fei Chui Restaurants have become one of Malaysia’s prominent company in the food and beverages industry. The restaurants provide a range of perfect menu which has been established by our top chefs and service staff.


Welcome to Kajang Fei Chui Chinese Restaurant! Located at the main Kajang town, Kajang Fei Chui Chinese Restaurant is truly one of its kinds for our dearest customers who would always leave with fond memories of our restaurant. The restaurant is open for various events and functions such as weddings, private and corporate functions, family and friends gatherings and birthday parties. Whatever occasions or events, we provide the highest standards in service and strive to make you feel welcomed and wanting to visit us again. We believe in providing you with the highest quality of dining experience.

‬Kajang Fei Chui

Well-known for its culinary styled seafood and Chinese cuisine, Kajang Fei Chui Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. has been continuously serving the Kajang neighbourhood since its inception in 2010. At Kajang Fei Chui, we are especially known for our scrumptious Chinese seafood cooking which served with a motherly touch.
Our wide variety of Chinese food as well as seafood dishes are passionately and freshly prepared by our experienced chefs. Determined to preserve our fine food standard, we ensure our dishes are cooked from fresh perishables to keep its distinct flavours and taste. Our restaurant also provides add-on services for wedding dinner, celebrations, parties and so on.

Quality food & Best services with Great Ambience

Roused by the considerable  nourishments of Malaysia, China and the world, we plan to respect the a wide range of Asian cooking conventions and in addition to include our own translation of them with our exceptional culinary aptitudes to serve you with a mouth-watering devour that is both conventional and cutting edge in the meantime. 

Today, Kajang Fei Chui Restaurants continue to provide the ambient dining conditions and excellent fine Chinese cuisine for various functions such as private or corporate functions, entertainment, wedding and celebration. Over the years Kajang Fei Chui Restaurants have never stopped providing quality food and services to our valued customers.


Inspired by the blend of perfect Asian and Western cuisine, we have numerous of mouth-watering dishes that are simply exceptional. The expert touch by our skilled chefs’ allows us to serve our customers, our own extraordinary delightful Chinese cuisines that have an immaculate combination of East and West. Our great value menu sets showcases the best competitive prices and are perfect menu for lunch, dinner or any other dining time. To make the most of your dining experience, we recommend you to try our menu sets that include a complete healthy and satisfying meal.

Restaurant Ambience

Our restaurant is built based on a classical western designed grand ballroom. This majestic ballroom will add a sense of sophistication, style and elegance to any events or occasions. This grand multi-purpose venue features contemporary, pillar-less with huge chandelier interior design and state-of-the-art sound system that can be redesigned to suit any types of celebration and events. We can cater a maximum number of 1000 people into our huge dining ballroom hall.

To add on to our uniqueness list, we have exterior design for our restaurant. The overall impression that a person gets from a restaurant is not only formed from the atmosphere and interior designs but also by the first thing outside thing which the person observes. Our front pathway between the road and the restaurant consist of fine cemented pathway that is covered over a colorless awning shield to ensure our customers are able to join us with comfort even during rainy days. Our front door is built in a huge stylish glass door that is decorated with beautiful long red cloths. Due to the overwhelming customers that we have, we understand that parking might be quite a hassle and in order to solve this we offer valet parking for our dearest customers.

Food quality
Serving our customers with proper quality and hygiene has always been our priority. Our restaurant is cleaned daily and all our dishes are prepared using clean kitchen utensils. Our chefs utilize only fresh foods and always make sure that all our fresh foods are properly rinsed and cleaned before cooking. On top of that, our team has regular health check.

We would like to present to you our latest addition, tasty and tempting new Cantonese food that would trigger your taste buds and leaving you wanting for more. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit us at Kajang Fei Chui Chinese Restaurant for an authentic and enchanting cuisine that you would never forget. To avoid any disappointments, do give us a call to book your reservation.

Reservation 预约

So come to Kajang Fei Chui Chinese Restaurant and appreciate our extensive and extravagant new Cantonese food that is made out of an immaculate mix of East and West with a customary expert's touch, and permit us to present you with a really one of a kind formation of impeccable cooking and a critical experience that you will treasure for quite a long time to come!
Kindly Give Us a Call for Reservation to avoid disappointment. 


Spacious, Elegant Ballroom For :

  • Wedding Function
  • Birthday Party
  • Association
  • Ala Carte ( Lunch & Dinner )


建立于2008年,加影斐翠大酒家已成为马来西亚饮食行最特出的酒家之一。加影斐翠大酒家的员工服务周到,并且由顶级的厨师为您精心特选了款款精粹的美味佳肴。加影斐翠大酒家位于Jalan Wan Siew, Sungai Chua, Kajang.